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Fashion style Shhors black rubber band with blue circle digital alarm chronograph sport wrist watch SH09346

Shhors of watch,Black rubber band Shhors circle yellow kids students man alarm digital sport watch SH09345

Black rubber band Shhors circle yellow kids students man alarm digital sport watch SH09345,kids best outdoor electric watch HT-667, man cool black rubber band wrist watch

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Watch Model:SH09345

Black rubber band Shhors circle yellow kids students man alarm digital sport watch SH09345

Site Ranking: 1146 in watches

Brand Ranking: 164 in Shhors watches

RRP: $18.90 (84.66%off)
Shop Price : $ 2.90
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Shhors Black rubber band Shhors circle yellow kids students man alarm digital sport watch SH09345 Watch Specifications

Goods Nameplate:
Retail Price:
$18.90 (84.66%off)
shop price:
0.05 (Kg)
Thickness of case:
Width Of Band:
Fashion Sport,Electronic Sport
  • SH09345 the FUNCTION

  • SH09345 the MANUAL

  • Features:
    1.Twelve number show
    2.Display naturally state:hour&defminute&defsecond&def week&defmouth&defday
    3.4-years calendar
    4.Stopwatch Max Range:23hrs 59minus 59secs with1/100sec display
    5.Alarm output for molody IC with 4min snooze
    6.6-digit Chronograph
    7.Fast advance for time and alarm time set
    8.Chime on every hour
    9.Light can last 3~5seconds

  • Operate instruction(S1=ST/STP&defS2=RESET&defS3=MODE&defS4=LIGHT) 1. Function menu choose (1).Press down the S3 to choose every function menu (2).Press down the S4 to can give out light on every function menu (3).Press down the S3 about 2 seconds can make menu to return normal mode at a certain function menu 2.Normal time function Chronograph function can Display time and date now. press down at the same time the S1&defS2 and S3 can all display Setting process (1).At normal time mode&def press down S3 to "third" gleam&def express to set up menu now (2).Press the S3 Choice to establish the item (gleam) (3).Press S1 to change number after the choice to setting munu(gleam) (4).When press S1 to change number&def if second at 30-59&defthe minute add one at same time when the second number change to 00&decthe mintue can&dott change if the second at 00-29 (5).Press S3 certain and return normal 3. Alarm Function The watch have various alarm function&defit can to set hour&def minute (1).Setting processAt normal time mode&defpress down S3 twice to show alarm time (2).Press down S2 up "hour" gleam&defit express to set up of alarm (3).Press the S3 choice to establish the item(gleam) (4).Press S1 add number of gleam (5).Pres S3 then return setting menu Features: (1). While arriving alarm time&defcan send out 30 seconds sounds of "BB..." sounds (2). Press any button to stop alarm (3). The alarm and the correct time at integral point can alarm at any mode 4. Chronograph menu (1) Chronograph display (2) Function 1.Press S3 for onces to run shrono mode at normal time mode 2.Press S1 to start chronograph&def again press S1 to stop 3.Press S2 to return 0&defcontinue Chronograph 4.Press S3 again to return to the normal 5.Press S3 for two times to run normal mode at Chronograph mode

Black rubber band Shhors circle yellow kids students man alarm digital sport watch SH09345 Watches Description

Shhors fashionable sport watch manufacturer is a super supplier in this field. We can assure that the quality of the watch, then hope that you can enjoy shopping Shhors sport watch on our site with original or OEM watch. Moreover, we will offer outstanding service with competitive price of products.

Shhors Watches BRANDSTORY


Shhors sport watch is a professional watch design, development, production and sales together which has high reputation for it high quality with competitive price in the world. In nowadays, Shhors sport watch is still to research and develop new models which they want to meet the customer satisfaction in the sport watch market. Further more, Shhors sport has many kinds of styles for you to choose, such as kids watch, LED watch, colorful band watch, fashionable sport watch, ladies wristwatch and young style watch etc. By the way, the Shhors manufacturer also can offer OEM watch service to the customers who need it. Through their efforts, Shhors sport watch is hot selling in many countries, for example UK, USA, Brazil and Spain so on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • SH09345 the Product Details

  • SH09345 SHIPPING Online

  • The SHHORS Story:
     &dec &dec &dec Shhors is a professional watch design&def development&def production and sales of integrated enterprise.
    Products from the development department&def mold department&def plastic injection department&def printing department&def assembling department&def electronic department&def other departments&def are in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000
    quality system requirements. Shhors analogue digital watch&def Quality and Cheap&def more and more hot sale in many countries.

     &dec &dec &dec Fashion combine with multifunction design&def the latest popular digital analog sports watch&deffollowing
    is the main feature:
    1. Fashion and sport style with fashionable bezel.
    2. Electro-luminescent Backlight in darkness LCD display hour&def minute&def second&def month&def week and AM/PM.
    3. 12/24 hours dual time display mode.
    4. Stopwatch function.
    5. Functional alarm setup and hourly reminder.
    6. Water resistant.
    7. Quality plastic watch strap.
    8. Kinds of colors to choice.

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